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The company

Café Caramello LTD is a solid growth company, currently working with 32 franchisees, that distribute, across the country, the first coffee cream made in Brazil.


Established in 2015, our franchises are the key to nationally support the brand, leading our product to major national markets. There are representatives of Café Caramello in the Espírito Santo State, where it was established, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, Goiás, Distrito Federal, São Paulo, Paraíba and Santa Catarina.


The Café Caramello Factory operates under a strict quality control to ensure the standard that gets to your table. The entire production of our flavors is monitored by a team including SEBRAE’s nutritionists and consultants.


Café Caramello produces about 23,000 pots of coffee cream monthly, having the capacity of 40,000 pots per month. There is a business expansion plan to take Café Caramello to international markets to countries as USA, Germany and China, in 2016.

Social responsability

We are aware that a better society is, above all, built by action. So we support the ACACCI (Local Association for Childhood Cancer Treatment), which develops projects to bring welfare and quality of life for children and teenagers with cancer, helping to create for them a more propitius to the recovery environment.

Reverse Logistics and Sustainability

Café Caramello has an internal policy of sustainability, understanding that a good future for humanity depends on how we treat our planet. We have a reverse logistics system that receives back the glass pots in which our products are offered, aiming to reuse them reducing the emission of waste in the nature. To encourage involvement in this cause, we offer 50% discount to our costumer on the purchase of a new Traditional Café Caramello 300ml, upon return of 5 empty pots.

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    Be globally recognized as the Fantastic Coffee Factory.

  • Mission

    Delight and inspire people with a high standard of products’ quality, providing the experience of special moments. To foster entrepreneurship and to be the opportunity for those dreaming of opening their own business.

  • Values

    The factory encourages values such as Passion, Leadership, Ethics, Innovation, Responsibility, Quality, Communication, Collaboration, Dream and Gratitude. Directors and collaborators give a touch of love in everything they do.


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