Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Café Caramello? What is this freshness? What is it exactly?

Café Caramello is handmade coffee cream. Its flavor resembles a cappuccino, although is creamier, less sweet and less caloric, containing only 18kcal per tablespoon. It does not contain lactose, gluten, sodium, fats, stabilizers or emulsifiers: all its creaminess is the result of handmade production process.

Café Caramello is a dulce de leche?

No. The visual appearance is similar, but it is really a coffee cream.

How to consume?

It is traditionally warm consumed, dissolving one full tablespoon in a cup filled with 200ml of milk, but it can also be enjoyed with mixed cold milk, or added to ice cream, yogurts, fruit salad or açaí. It is also used in candy recipes and several desserts such as condensed milk pudding and chocolate truffle. Check here some of the many ways to enjoy your Café Caramello.

Can I do with water?

Yes. Adapt the recipe, use an amount of Café Caramello that suits your taste in texture and flavor.

Can I mix with coffee?

Yes. Expressed coffee lovers thicken the home coffee adding Café Caramello to it.

Is this coffee to be eaten or drunk?

Besides using it in the preparation of drinks and sweets, there is also the possibility of consuming pure Café Caramello, using a spoon. In this way its flavor is quite strong, due to the concentration. Experience pure as a side to cheese, crackers or toast.

What type of coffee is utilized?

Café Caramello is a blend of coffees Conilon and Arabica produced in the mountains of Espírito Santo State.

Is there caramel in the cream?

No. Café Caramello’s name refers to the color, smell, texture, and the product’s particularity which caramelizes at the pot’s bottom when out of the refrigerator. When this happens, just keep your pot aside in the freezer, so the dark part of the mix will be better distributed.

What is the composition?

Café Caramello is composed by Coffee, Water, Cinnamon and Sugar.

Does it contains milk or dairy products? Does it has gluten?

Lactose Intolerant can rest easy, at our factory we do not manipulate nor have contact with any type of milk or its derivatives. Café Caramello does not have any traces of gluten, food additives, stabilizers, sodium nor fats.

How much comes in the pots?

We have pots for every need and freezer sizes: 300ml for you to take alone or with that special company, 800ml to serve the whole family and 3.6 liters for you to offer Café Caramello at parties or in bakeries, cafes, restaurants and hotel.

Is there decaf?

Not yet. Our product is coffee, coffee really. And it has the same caffeine amount as any other coffee.

Is there diet or sugar-free?

Not yet, but we are in the process of developing your Café Caramello in fit versions. Have you tried our pure cream? It has almost no sugar and each tablespoon has only 4g of carbohydrates, besides only 18kcal.

Is there other flavors?

In addition to the traditional taste, we offer Café Caramello in the following versions: Amarula, Vanilla, Mint, Rum, Strawberry and Paçoca (Peanut-candy), limited editions.

Do you deliver at home or at work? How do I buy it?

Yes we do. You can call a distributor and place your order. Check here the nearest to you.

What is the minimum amount to buy?

Buying a pot you can already place your order. We will have the same joy to serve you!

What is the product’s expiration date?

In the freezer it lasts longer, up to 1 year, keeping the creaminess longer. Look for the date on the package of your pot. In the fridge it lasts for 6 months and at room temperature supports up to 48 hours with its original features. But check the expiration date on your pot.

Can it stay out of the refrigerator?

Yes, provided that it is only for 48 hours, after which time it has to go straight to the freezer or refrigerator. Remember that the Café Caramello is handmade produced and has no stabilizers, fats, food additives, sodium, gluten or lactose.

Should I put on the refrigerator only after opening?

Keep it in the freezer or refrigerator even before opening, so you will have your coffee longer and with better quality.

Can I take it when traveling?

We will be very happy to know that our Café Caramello is traveling with you! Enjoy your moments, however, remember that it can only be up to 48 hours out of the freezer.

Do you collect the pot?

Yes. We have a sustainability campaign and reverse logistics consisting of you delivering back 5 empty pots and getting a discount of 50% on the 300ml pot purchase.

How do you reutilize the pots?

When the pots return to the factory they are inspected. Those which have no damage are sterilized and cleaned with water at temperatures above 100 °C.

I want to be an Authorized Representative, what do I need to do?

Contact the nearest sales point to you or fill out the form in our website. Let’s go together delight more people with the delicious Café Caramello!

What are the payment methods?

Our distributors accept cash or card payment, call the nearest sales point and get more information.

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