A dream come true

A dream come true

Flavor recipe, innovation and success

A delicious dream come true. Conceived by Cristina Pascoli in 2012, Café Caramello is a touching story, built with love, creativity and struggle.

Such passion and commitment to a project could only have a happy ending, able to raise smiles and inspire, as a fable. Learn more about Café Caramello, a company created and maintained with the heart.

Once upon a time there was a young entrepreneur…

From 14 to 24 years old, Cristina worked at Cedepro – vocational school, run by his mother, Sonia. From 24 to 29 years, she worked at Setrame, a logistics company, owned by her husband, Alex Tongo.

“I learned a lot in these years working with my mother and my husband, but dreamed of having my own company where I could work the design and marketing my way”, she said.

After studying a Master of Ceremonies course, she found herself having a talent for organizing events and invested in the new profession.

She always wanted to attend chic teas, those charitable teas organized by socialites who were always in the newspapers’ gossip columns, however, as she was not a socialite, she decided to host her own chic tea to her friends, which resulted in the 1st edition of the event called Café com Batom “COFFEE WITH LIPSTICK”, thematic and exclusive to women. The event was a success, took place in the Serra, the metropolitan area of Vitória and earned income to the social Project called O Semeador (THE SOWER).

At the 1st edition of Café com Batom (Coffee With Lipstick), Cristina had access to a cappuccino base recipe and trying to do at home, was unsuccessful for three times. Opposed to waste, she kept the dough in the fridge and, after days, prepared a strong coffee, which she added to the recipe, creating a delicious coffee cream, without realizing that Brazil’s 1st Coffee Cream had just been made.

To continue hosting events, she started the 4Four producer, her first company. In the following months, she hosted four Café com Batom (Coffee with Lipstick) editions, charging entrance and already earning an income.

“I began serving coffee cream at the events to save up money and shared the recipe on the microphone during the event for six months, because everyone loved the coffee and wanted to make the recipe for their own consumption”, she recalls.

In December 2012, Cristina’s husband’s company lost a big contract and he had to lay off workers, paying termination fees and bringing a financial crisis into home on Christmas Eve.

That’s when she realized that she could earn money manufacturing coffee, she had the idea to meet sale orders from friends and started making coffee cream to sell and try to afford the needs and gifts of her two children on Christmas Eve. With R$ 20,00 borrowed from her husband, Cristina started the business. During the financial crisis, she found an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

“I took pictures of the pots and put on a social network, Facebook, the platform that entered the coffee into the market. I decorated with ribbons from my Christmas tree, the red ties were a way to show affection to customers. At the Christmas Eve of 2012, I catered more than 100 orders and performed a Christmas Eve and very special New Year’s Eve for my family”, she highlighted.

In 2013 the demand for coffee only increased. So much so that the entrepreneur had to choose between continuing organizing the Café com Batom (Coffee with Lipstick) events or manufacturing her own coffee.

“It was a hard decision, because I love to do both, however, I closed the 4Four Producer business and started a new company: Café Caramello Ltda. I studied food legislation, took a barista course to understand more about coffee, I studied Management courses at Sebrae-ES, SENAI and IEL, did accompaniment and several consultancies, some consultants are still with me today”.

Late 2014, Cristina studied everything she could about the franchise and developed a distribution franchise project, implemented in January 2015 and currently the Café conquer its space in the Brazilian market and has called attention from the international market in 2016.

“I feel that all the effort that I have made so far was worth it. I am very proud to have innovated with this coffee cream, which is the first of the category in Brazil. Today I inspire and I guide men and women who, like me, want to lead their own lives. It takes research, study, strive, to believe in your own dreams. All this combined with a good dose of self-esteem and motivation provides me the strength to motivate franchisees and the Café Caramello’s team. I encourage these people to never give up on their dreams. No matter the age. No matter the situation. With will and creativity, seeking solutions to solve problems it is always possible to endeavor. For everything I do I count on my family support, mother, husband and children. They are my structure and base”, she concluded.


The company

Café Caramello LTD is a solid growth company, currently working with 32 franchisees, that distribute, across the country, the first coffee cream made in Brazil.


Established in 2015, our franchises are the key to nationally support the brand, leading our product to major national markets. There are representatives of Café Caramello in the Espírito Santo State, where it was established, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, Goiás, Distrito Federal, São Paulo, Paraíba and Santa Catarina.


The Café Caramello Factory operates under a strict quality control to ensure the standard that gets to your table. The entire production of our flavors is monitored by a team including SEBRAE’s nutritionists and consultants.


Café Caramello produces about 23,000 pots of coffee cream monthly, having the capacity of 40,000 pots per month. There is a business expansion plan to take Café Caramello to international markets to countries as USA, Germany and China, in 2016.

Social responsability

We are aware that a better society is, above all, built by action. So we support the ACACCI (Local Association for Childhood Cancer Treatment), which develops projects to bring welfare and quality of life for children and teenagers with cancer, helping to create for them a more propitius to the recovery environment.

Reverse Logistics and Sustainability

Café Caramello has an internal policy of sustainability, understanding that a good future for humanity depends on how we treat our planet. We have a reverse logistics system that receives back the glass pots in which our products are offered, aiming to reuse them reducing the emission of waste in the nature. To encourage involvement in this cause, we offer 50% discount to our costumer on the purchase of a new Traditional Café Caramello 300ml, upon return of 5 empty pots.

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    Be globally recognized as the Fantastic Coffee Factory.

  • Mission

    Delight and inspire people with a high standard of products’ quality, providing the experience of special moments. To foster entrepreneurship and to be the opportunity for those dreaming of opening their own business.

  • Values

    The factory encourages values such as Passion, Leadership, Ethics, Innovation, Responsibility, Quality, Communication, Collaboration, Dream and Gratitude. Directors and collaborators give a touch of love in everything they do.


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