A success path!

I was born in Rio de Janeiro and came to the Espírito Santo State when I was three months old. I am the granddaughter of a Italian entrepreneur from the violins line of business, machine shop manager's daughter and my mother was a nurse. I grew up with entrepreneurship surrounding me, always asking myself "What will I become when I grow up?". I always wanted a company, but did not know in which field of business.


Café Caramello was twice case study and final course assignment of students from a University, Estácio de Sá, in Vitória.

It has been compared to Starbucks by a local economist in the context of creative economy and entrepreneurship.

It has been honored and certificate by the Legislative Assembly during Entrepreneurship Week in 2014.

The CEO received in 2015 the IX Business Award of Merit trophy from ASES - Entrepreneurs Association from Serra, in the category Small Companies.

"I am the owner and manager of my dream"

Being the manager of the dreams of those who trust in the quality and potential of Café Caramello for me is a big responsibility. To keep the machine running in a responsible and sustainable way is the greatest challenge of my life.

Tenho muito orgulho de ter inovado com este conceito, de ter criado uma nova categoria de café no Brasil, e do nosso produto ser fabricado no Espírito Santo, com matéria-prima 100% capixaba.

Currently I support women and men that, alike me, desire to take charge of their own lives, with research, study and persistence on their dreams. With will and creativity it is always possible to endeavor.

Alex Tongo (35), co-founder of Café Caramello, is an entrepreneur in the Logistics segment. In the early years of Café Caramello foudation, he worked at the outer area, then in the second year of activity, joined the Commercial Sector, taking care of the expansion, selling and supporting franchises in several factory projects. Currently, he works side by side with his wife and CEO Cristina Pascoli Tongo at the Fantastic Café Caramello Factory. Meanwhile, he manages philanthropic projects and ventures into the air, as aircraft pilot.

Inspiring dreams

Being on charge of your own business may seem a distant dream for many men and women. The history of Café Caramello proves that it is always possible to dream and accomplish when there is a twinkle in the eyes, willpower and passion in what you do. "Anything is possible, when you truly want it", Cristina Pascoli Tongo. Learn our history!

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